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Expert Service

Longhorn Automation and Electrical, LLC serves operators in the oilfields of the Permian Basin. Our team delivers a variety of electrical services for a range of industrial applications that include work with compressor stations, transformers, saltwater disposal facilities, and pump jack facilities. We also provide engineering and automation programming for PLC integration, measurement and instrumentation equipment, Internet SCADA systems, alarm monitoring, and communication systems.


Longhorn Automation and Electrical builds and installs process controls and automation systems for wells, pipelines, natural gas production, and compressor facilities. We work with refineries, off-loading and on-loading train and transfer stations, salt water injection facilities, and more.

Electrical Service

Longhorn Automation and Electrical offers wellhead electrical service with qualified, licensed Journeyman and Master Electricians. Our team is ready to dispatch service across Texas. We build electrical panels and complete electrical installations for low voltage systems, primary and backup generators, solar and utility powered operations, and more.

  • Electrical skid fabrication
  • VFD installations of all types (pump jack, water control, tank management, etc.)
  • Electrical construction and maintenance at salt water injection sites
  • Metering station design and installation
  • Compressor station builds, maintenance and upgrades
  • Plant and well site electrical troubleshooting

Quick, reliable, quality construction and maintenance of electrical transmission and distribution power lines.

Our in-house team and reliable partners join forces to provide better value and greater service. We’re capable of deploying assistance across West Texas. We support private companies, cooperatives, and government organizations.

Transmission Services
Overhead Capabilities:
• Bucket truck, live line work through 345 kV
• Re-conducting, single/bundle conductor installs
• Frame and set drilled pier

Underground Capabilities:
• Directional drilling, cabling
• Splicing and testing
• Duct and vault installation

Distribution Services
Overhead Capabilities:
• Equipment installation, pole placement
• Wire, cable installs, splicing

Underground Capabilities:
• Trenching, directional drilling
• Wire placement, cable splicing, system repairs
• Duct and vault installationsDuct and vault installation

Engineering, Substation & Plant Facility Services
• Low, medium, high-voltage, installation and testing
• New electrical construction, engineering
• Electrical upgrades/expansions on facilities
• Troubleshooting, repairs, maintenance
• Transformer rigging and unloading
• Power and control wiring, building controls
• Ground grids/connections, resistance testing
• Underground conduit, cable trench, duct bank installation
• Switchgear, MCC’s, VFD’s, ESD’s
• PLC installations and terminations


Longhorn Automation and Electrical offers access to an upstream and midstream engineering team that is unmatched in its knowledge of field devices, telemetry, SCADA and information systems. With decades of combined expertise, our team is ready to support yours on a wide variety of platforms. We can execute complicated SCADA design for single centralized systems, or a complexity of systems for control and monitoring using ladder logic, ISaGRAF, and other types of programming.

Field Service

Qualified staffing and support is just a phone call away. Longhorn Automation and Electrical is here to provide service and staffing when you need it. Whether you need an extra hand to complete an individual project or want peace-of-mind in knowing you have on call support in a crisis, our team has the technical background and local knowledge to run and maintain operations in the field or at the corporate office.

  • Field Measurement
  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • Gas & Liquids Measurement
  • Instrument Calibration
  • Custody Transfer Automation
  • Onsite Gas Analysis
  • Automation Engineering
  • Control Panel Fabrication with UL508
  • Programming panel shop
  • Electrical Service
  • and More

Longhorn Site Intelligence System

Longhorn Automation & Electrical are specialists in O&G service, delivering innovative solutions throughout the Permian Basin in Texas. The new Site Intelligence System (SIS) is a customizable system that integrates with Allen Bradley PLCs and is configured using the HMI interface. It offers both remote and local distributed, centralized control with a variety of connections including remote access through a VNC or local access with an Ethernet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and Modbus serial port, HART, physical Analog I/O or digital I/O. SIS communicates with nearly every kind of end device used for automation, measurement, and control.

What’s different about this system is its scalability. It offers well-control on each well for safer and more consistent monitoring, while its integrated remote I/O optimizes monitoring and control from the main battery.

Dramatically Reduces Startup and Commissioning Time

Operators looking to reduce time and labor during the development of new facilities or site expansions will find Longhorn’s Site Intelligence System the perfect solution. The SIS solution allows field technicians or programmers to add or remove equipment directly from the HMI screen or via its system with a built-in secure VNC, providing the ability to make changes remotely too.

The SIS’s flexibility to manage such a wide variety of controls is what makes this solution stand out. It operates control, measurement, and communication of:

  • Tank levels
  • Alarms for hi-level shutdowns
  • Tester PSI/ LSH and LSL, to manage ESDV’s at the header or the well
  • Compressor monitoring shutdowns
  • VRU control
  • LACT monitoring and control for truck and pipeline

The Site Intelligence System can control and monitor all systems from a single wellsite to multiple well pads. Standard programming is established for a basic layout configured with 20 wells, 20 tester vessels, 10 water tanks, 10 oil tanks, 2 gun barrels, and a few other assets. The system can be quickly and easily modified to customize the actual number and configuration of assets as needed.

Tank Battery SIS

  • BBU, AC/DC power monitoring and alarms
  • Tank level monitoring
    • Full alarms LO, LOLO, HI, HIHI, LSH switches
  • Saltwater transfer systems
    • PID control based on level
    • Flow and pressure for VFDs
    • Hi/Lo pressure alarms and shutdowns
    • Flow alarms and shutdowns
    • Metering calculations (daily, monthly, previous day, previous month, grand total)
  • Tester units
    • Oil, water, and gas reports (daily, monthly, previous day, previous month, grand total)
  • Custody transfers
    • Pipeline
    • 12-meter run truck ticketing meeting AGA/API standards
    • Secure data archiving of 1440 hourly (60 days), 1440 daily archive records
    • FlowCal v7 .CFX files with export data in .CSV format

Well SIS

  • BBU, AC/DC power monitoring and alarms
  • ESD shutdown, ESDV valve-control, pressure-flow, injection and ESP monitoring
  • Configurable through VNC connection
  • Compatible with SCADA-based systems format

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