Longhorn Automation & Electrical LLC, delivering reliable solutions through all stages of Automation, Control, Data Acquisition, and Reporting.

With a rich history of operating in the Permian Basin’s oilfields, Longhorn Automation has emerged as automation professionals capable of deploying assistance across the United States. With many value-added alliances and certifications, we proudly support private companies, cooperatives, and government organizations.

Longhorn Automation & Electrical is a Division of Flow Data Inc.  

The combined workforce of engineering and service workforce offers our customers additional resources in SCADA programming and custom control panels, which provide unique automation solutions for monitoring and control.


Integrated Solutions

LACT, pressure-monitoring, liquid transfers, field operations, instrumentation & more.

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Licensed & Ready

Site survey, project design, installation, maintenance, Emergency Services & more.

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SCADA Programming

Support for enterprise systems, SCADA environments, & automation programming.

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Available Resources

Technical service resources for measurement, technology integration, testing, & more.

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